Our Wish List

used items are welcomed and appreciated

  1. Mobile/Cellular Internet Service: We need high speed internet service at our rural site! We know that there are "pucks" or little mobile hot spots.  We would love help with this from anyone who is willing/able

  2. Maul (heavy-duty axe) for splitting wood

  3. Laying hens (6 months to 1 year old)
  4. Heavy Duty garden hose (x3), 30' to 40', with a spray nozzle
  5. 1 truckload redwood mulch from the Soil Farm in Half Moon Bay
  6. Native plants/shrubs in 5 gallon size (coffee berry, native fern, redwood tree, California Bay Laurel tree, deergrass, Anderson flowers, Coast live oak, Valley Oak, mexican sage, apple tree, manzanita, myrtle wax leaf, succulents, etc)
  7. 1 hive of bees with a queen, ordered online (details available)
  8. A working diesel tractor with a bucket loader in the front or brush mower attachment
  9. Stainless "palm tree style" propane outdoor heaters for events (up to 3)
  10. Wheelbarrow
  11. Heavy-duty John Deere riding lawnmower
  12. A small gas Honda generator (ex. EB3000c)
  13. Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries (any size) AAA, AA, C, D
  14. First aid kits and/or supplies
  15. A 5 gallon tank of propane
  16. Green laser pointer, battery powered, handheld (We use it at night for stargazing with kids. Must be green. Up to 3)
  17. An 18-volt battery powered impact driver drill
  18. A shed or other storage building or garage
  19. Alfalfa bale(s) or orchard grass bale(s) for our llama and goats
  20. A kitchen knife block and knives, especially big chopping knives and paring knives
  21. A mineral goat lick block with selenium
  22. Shuttle bus or truck with a diesel engine (to run on renewable biodiesel!) for transporting students or site maintenance
  23. An electric car or a hybrid vehicle for kids to learn about and staff to use for meetings, conferences, school visits, errands and administrative work.
  24. Any running car or truck, old or new, for running errands and going to schools
  25. Raincoats in all sizes (preferably kids' sizes, but some are also needed for chaperones)
  26. Digital projector, 2000 lumen or higher with working bulb
  27. Magnifying glasses
  28. Wildlife and/or plant i.d. books: pocket size are best
  29. Walkie-talkies. Any will do, but if you're purchasing new, the ones we're using are Cobra Electronics CXT 1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies
  30. Warm sleeping bags
  31. Rubber Boots: kids' sizes
  32. Animal artifacts, display items, skeletal remains
  33. A small digital camera (We like Canon Powershots)
  34. Sports equipment: frisbees, kites, cones
  35. Sledge Hammer (x1)
  36. Hammer tacker (a type of heavy-duty staple gun)
  37. A post hole digger
  38. Warm coats in all sizes for students ages 8-13
  39. Wooden garden stakes at 8', redwood, 2" round or 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" (without chemical pressure treatment)
  40. A new garden greenhouse (Riga, Rhino, Essence, etc.)
  41. Floating row cover (Agribon, Remay)
  42. Chicken and goat feed (organic, Modesto Milling)
  43. Stainless steel milking pail
  44. Telescoping pole pruner