Why It’s a Great Idea to Give to Vida Verde

100% Of Our Programs are Offered Completely Free

Currently, in the Bay Area, there are many high-quality, 2-5 day, environmental education programs in which thousands of students in grades 3-6 are participating every year. Unfortunately, many students and/or schools in the Bay Area cannot afford to pay for these programs.

Disadvantaged students miss out on a myriad of important educational and developmental experiences. Those same experiences are the birthright of their middle-class peers. This lack of exposure means that the low-income, inner-city children tend to lack an expansive context for building their hopes, dreams and aspirations. We believe these are the very children who need experiences like Vida Verde the most!

Vida Verde is a very distinctive environmental education center because 100% of its programs are offered completely free, and are exclusively for these underserved children.

All of our programs are free for students, and that means our entire budget comes from donations from individuals and grants from foundations.




Our Wish List

used items are welcomed and appreciated

  1. Mobile/Cellular Internet Service: We need high speed internet service at our rural site! We know that there are "pucks" or little mobile hot spots.  We would love help with this from anyone who is willing/able

  2. Maul (heavy-duty axe) for splitting wood

  3. Laying hens (6 months to 1 year old)
  4. Heavy Duty garden hose (x3), 30' to 40', with a spray nozzle
  5. 1 truckload redwood mulch from the Soil Farm in Half Moon Bay
  6. Native plants/shrubs in 5 gallon size (coffee berry, native fern, redwood tree, California Bay Laurel tree, deergrass, Anderson flowers, Coast live oak, Valley Oak, mexican sage, apple tree, manzanita, myrtle wax leaf, succulents, etc)
  7. 1 hive of bees with a queen, ordered online (details available)
  8. A working diesel tractor with a bucket loader in the front or brush mower attachment
  9. Stainless "palm tree style" propane outdoor heaters for events (up to 3)
  10. Wheelbarrow
  11. Heavy-duty John Deere riding lawnmower
  12. A small gas Honda generator (ex. EB3000c)
  13. Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries (any size) AAA, AA, C, D
  14. First aid kits and/or supplies
  15. A 5 gallon tank of propane
  16. Green laser pointer, battery powered, handheld (We use it at night for stargazing with kids. Must be green. Up to 3)
  17. An 18-volt battery powered impact driver drill
  18. A shed or other storage building or garage
  19. Alfalfa bale(s) or orchard grass bale(s) for our llama and goats
  20. A kitchen knife block and knives, especially big chopping knives and paring knives
  21. A mineral goat lick block with selenium
  22. Shuttle bus or truck with a diesel engine (to run on renewable biodiesel!) for transporting students or site maintenance
  23. An electric car or a hybrid vehicle for kids to learn about and staff to use for meetings, conferences, school visits, errands and administrative work.
  24. Any running car or truck, old or new, for running errands and going to schools
  25. Raincoats in all sizes (preferably kids' sizes, but some are also needed for chaperones)
  26. Digital projector, 2000 lumen or higher with working bulb
  27. Magnifying glasses
  28. Wildlife and/or plant i.d. books: pocket size are best
  29. Walkie-talkies. Any will do, but if you're purchasing new, the ones we're using are Cobra Electronics CXT 1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies
  30. Warm sleeping bags
  31. Rubber Boots: kids' sizes
  32. Animal artifacts, display items, skeletal remains
  33. A small digital camera (We like Canon Powershots)
  34. Sports equipment: frisbees, kites, cones
  35. Sledge Hammer (x1)
  36. Hammer tacker (a type of heavy-duty staple gun)
  37. A post hole digger
  38. Warm coats in all sizes for students ages 8-13
  39. Wooden garden stakes at 8', redwood, 2" round or 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" (without chemical pressure treatment)
  40. A new garden greenhouse (Riga, Rhino, Essence, etc.)
  41. Floating row cover (Agribon, Remay)
  42. Chicken and goat feed (organic, Modesto Milling)
  43. Stainless steel milking pail
  44. Telescoping pole pruner





Interested In Volunteering?

Volunteering with Vida Verde is a fun and rewarding experience. Join our volunteer group and help contribute to the experiences that make Vida Verde so special. We welcome any level of volunteer opportunity from one-time to dedicated volunteer.

Please complete our form below.




At Vida Verde We See Your Donation As a Partnership

When you give, you become a member of our community


When you give, you become a member of our community, and you have direct influence on our students’ lives. Vida Verde works hard to keep our budget low so you can feel confident that your donation is being used in the most effective way possible. We are a fiscally responsible organization that will make the most of every single dollar that you donate.

Here are some reasons why we think you should feel good about giving to this program:

  • Powerful Purpose – Vida Verde is an organization that is passionately dedicated to meeting its powerful mission.
  • Exciting – Vida Verde is a fun place; it’s a crossroads where urban hip-hop meets the rural environment.
  • Smart – Vida Verde is organized & efficient, creates powerful results
  • Personable – Vida Verde is a small organization that is accessible, and cares about creating long-lasting relationships with its supporters.
  • Thrifty and Resourceful – Vida Verde is a grassroots organization that uses resources creatively.
  • Impact – Vida Verde is a small organization with a tight budget where your donation can have a sizable and meaningful impact.


Who Supports Vida Verde?
Granting Foundations, Past and Present

Since 2004, Vida Verde has been working with business consultant Eric Ryan of Ryan Nonprofits. Eric has donated years of consulting to Vida Verde in order to help us maintain a quality control/ performance review/ management system within the business. This management system has ensured that Vida Verde stays as efficient, organized, and focused as possible, and it has enabled smart future planning for growth and development.



Atkinson Foundation
Bothin Foundation
California Coastal Commission Whale Tail Grants Program
California Coastal Conservancy
Charles B. Kuhn Memorial Fund
Cleaves and Mae Rhea Foundation
Clif Bar Family Foundation
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation
Distaff Singers Ida Altenbach Grants Program
Facebook Local Community Fund
Fred Gellert Family Foundation
Gratitude Giving Circle
Hancock Family Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Heritage Bank of Commerce
John and Kelly Hartman Foundation
John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
June and Julian Foss Foundation
Kampe Foundation
Kimball Foundation
Koret Foundation
Los Altos Rotary Club
Louis L. Borick Foundation
Mary A. Crocker Trust
Michael Lee Foundation
Midland Cabinet Company
Moca Foundation
Morgan Family Foundation
Namaste Foundation
Organic Valley
Palo Alto Community Fund
Peery Foundation
Peninsula Open Space Trust
Pisces Foundation
Quest Foundation
Sand Hill Foundation
Satterberg Foundation
Save The Redwoods League
Saw Island Foundation
The Morrison and Foerster Foundation
TomKat Charitable Trust
TOSA Foundation
West Star Foundation
Youth Access to Nature Fund
Youth Outside



Apple Lane Foundation
Atkinson Foundation
Bothin Foundation
Change Happens Foundation
Charles B. Kuhn Memorial Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Donor Advised
Cleaves and Mae Rhea Foundation
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
Charisma Fund
Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation
Distaff Singers Ida B. Altenbach Grants Program
Firefighters Local 55
Fred Gellert Family Foundation
Hancock Family Fund on behalf of Diane Sheehy, SVCF Donor Advised
Hancock Family Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Donor Advised
John and Kelly Hartman Foundation
John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
Kampe Family Foundation
Katz Family Foundation
Kimball Foundation
Los Altos Rotary Club Endowment Fund
Louis L. Borick Foundation
Mary A. Crocker Trust
Michael Lee Environmental Foundation
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
Moca Foundation
Morgan Family Foundation
Palo Alto Community Foundation
PaperSeed Foundation
Patagonia of Palo Alto
Philanthropic Ventures Fund
Quest Foundation
Sam Mazza Foundation
Sand Hill Foundation
Satterberg Foundation
Save the Redwoods League
Saw Island Foundation
Strong Foundation for Environmental Values
Taube Foundation
The Barrios Trust
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
The JiJi Foundation
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
TomKat Charitable Trust
TOSA Foundation
West Star Foundation



Prior Years

As you Sow Foundation
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Graham Memorial Foundation
Bothin Foundation
C.E. and S. Foundation
CA, Inc.
Charisma Fund
Chez Panisse Foundation
Christensen Fund
Cleo Foundation
Coastside Women's Club
David B. Gold Foundation
Dean Witter Foundation
Douglas Family Gift Fund
East Tennessee Foundation
Girls Inc.Gordon And Betty Moore Foundation
Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Hartman Foundation
Intero Foundation
June and Julian Foss Foundation
Kimball Foundation
Mountain Hardwear's Send a Kid To Camp
New Priorities Foundation
Omidyar Network Fund
Potrero Nuevo Fund
RBC Wealth Management Foundation
Robert S. and Helen P. Odell Fund
Rogers Family Foundation
Rudolf Steiner Foundation
Stone Soup
Ten Times Ten Foundation
The McCarthy Family Foundation
The Oakland A's Community Fund
The Palo Alto Community Fund
The Peninsula Community Foundation
The Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Donor Advised:
     Anonymous Donor                   Advised Fund
    Hammond Family Fund
    Crittenden Family Fund
    K&M Gift Fund               
The Barrios Trust
The Fred Gellert Family Foundation
The Strong Foundation for Environmental Values
Thomas J. Long Foundation
The Van Loben Sels/RembeRock Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Western Digital Foundation
William H. and Mattiew Wattis Harris Foundation
Yahoo! Employee Foundation

Vida Verde's Nourishment Circle


Oak Level - at least $25,000/year for 3 or more years

Selig, Bob and Meryl

Bay Laurel Level - At least $5,000/year for 3 or more years

Chalik, John & Chamberlain, Susan
Kaufman, Sy
Norton, Patrick & Helen
Parish, Julie & Will
Rabinovitch, Michael & Gabrielle
Rao, Amy
Watkins, Susanne & Beeman, Scott

Walnut Level - At least $1,000/year for 3 or more years


Anonymous (2)
Bauhaus, Caroline
Bezancon, Anne
Blatman, Carolyn
Boynton, Rob & Sue
Brownell, Bill & Kimberly
Carter, Pamela
Cushner, Jenna
Cushner, Kayla and Dickson, Thomas
DeGarmo, Erica & Matthews, Michael
Dickerson, Jim & Sue
Ditzler, Kate & Gasner, Stuart
Felderman, Bob & Schooler, Eve
Garcia, Carlos & Ross, Lea
Gaston, Mary & Rick
Griffin, Nancy
Grove, Karen & Cortella, Julian
Habig, Jill & Demissie, Addisu
Haggarty, Heather
Hancock, Noble & Lorraine
Henry, Charlotte & John
Hugg, Ianthina & Joshua
Huling, Jaime & Delaye, Darren
Hwang, Susie & Glickman, Matt
Kieschnick, Frannie
Kretschmar, Laura
Kritzer, Maggie, & Biehl, Larry
Litton, Pattie & Ralston, Peter
McAlpine, Alice & Fraser
Messina, David & Yusuf, Jabeen
Midland Cabinet Company

Moison, Jerry & Carol
Monroe, Kate and Westheimer, Gabe
Mukhopadhyay, Aditi & Deb
Nyrop, Kathy & Koch, Stephen
O'Neill, Kay & Sharer, Peter
Pade, Marcia & Bill
Palter, Alan & Catherine
Pleasanton, Brooke
Porzig, Rachel & Milojkovic, Ranka
Pratt, Stephen
Puhak, Lydia & Fortlage, Scott
Richards, Jill & Ron
Rudolf, Alexei & Beth
Ryan, Katie & Eric
Saliba, Souheil
Schaub, Nancy
Scherer, Brendan & Mousel, Jason
Sherwin, Sandy & Kalt, Andy
Smith, Deborah
Smith, Preston & Liz
Soper, Harn
Steuber, Thomas & Virginia
Strand, Donald & Linda Sue
Strand, Joan
Strick, Roland & Anngi
Terra, Luke & Megan
Torcom, Jean
Torres, Rosie
Wentworth, Dana
Westcott, Bart & Nancy
Wilkinson, Judy

Vida Verde's Current Pledging Donors


Alvaro, Susan & Wagner, Bill
Anderson, January
Antonopoulis, Georgia
Ardoin, Nicole & Hawkins, Greg
Arkin, David & Tilt, Anni
Barnes, Hailee
Barua, Gautam
Beck, Morganne & Chapa, Cesar
Beronio, Dave
Bousquet, Michele
Boyer, Ken
Brown, Stephanie & Steve
Bryan, Scott
Bullard, Karen
Burdett, Bonnie
Burgess, Briana
Capsuto, Tara & Eaton, Dave
Castello, Jenny
Chalot, Melissa
Choi, Cindi
Cobb, Salima
Cohen, Whitney & Haddow, Tod
Conahan, Matt
Cook, Matthew
Costello, Toby
Del Castillo, Paul
Diedrich, Todd A.
Dietrich, Scott & Capello, Emily
Dodson, Elizabeth J.
Dolese, George
Ferriot, Julie
Field, Nancy
Florez, Tiffany & Costello, James
Fowler, Jaime-Alexis & Borelli, Adam
Fowler, John & Elizabeth
Furnal, Nicholas
Garcia, Galo
Gauci, Phaedra
Graves, Ben
Gregory, Peter & Ann
Griffin, Nancy
Griffith, Kathryn
Gruhn, Thomas
Haffenreffer, Lisa
Haigo, Saori & Angstadt, Pete
Hancock, Lorraine & Noble
Hanlein, Robert
Hardy, Natacha
Henry, Alison
Holzman, Jack
Huayllasco, Joseph
Ibarra, Luciralia
Johnson, Barbara
Johnson, Nina & Mike
Johnson, Shannon
Joy, John
Klebe, Kathy
Kretschmar, Laura
Krieger, Lisa
Landis, Sally
Landor-Yamagata, Jonah
Lane, Jonathan & Suzanne
Lankford, Ashby & Brosamer, Mark
Lebon, Evan
LeCoy, Kelly
Leitz, Maureen
Linger, Eli

Little, Sandra
Long, Jackie & Jason
Lopez, Lilia
Lucket, Anthony
Katz, Nancy
Kho, Nancy & Andrew
Makhija, Geeta & Grathwohl, Gretchen
Mancini, Jessica & Joe
McDonald-Zwoyer, Elizabeth
McMurtry, Richard
Mead, Brooke
Mendiola, Chell
Merced, Andrew Dela
Merritt, Bob & Robin
Miller, Alex
Miller, Charles H.
Milojkovic, Ranka
Minikes, Zoe
Monroe, Kate & Westheimer, Gabe
Morrison, Carol
Moss, Sean
Muchin, Andrea & Neil
Painter, Nancy
Pegu, Nilotpal
Peña, Aurora
Peña, Manuel
Perl, Jacqueline & Daniel
Pfeiffer, Joann & Gene
Pfluke, Paul & Jennings, Stephanie
Pollock, Sara & Cunningham, Ryan
Price, Cara & Drew
Rasmussen, Christine & Singer, Ricardo
Reese, David
Rehor, Jay
Rosenberg, Susan
Rudolf, Beth
Selsted, Erica
Shaheed, Kathleen
Sharer, Emma
Sharma, Briana & Manu
Sonneborn, Barbara & Greenberg, Ron
Sprague, Dawn & Zander
Stanfield, Sky
Steiger, Marty
Steplowski, Sophie & Ian
Stewart, Jessica & Jonathon
Sullivan, Barbara
Sullivan, Kia
Suvari, Tricia
Sweeney, Erin
Tafolla, Marc & Rosen, Lynne
Taleghani, Ramin
Thomsen, Jennifer
Tomkinson, Robert & Victoria
Torres, Deborah
Trevino, Joe
Turman, Beebo & Tom
Vito, Suzanne
Von Der Ahe, Robert
Weber, Sarah & Dale
Wehmeyer, Kendra & Rob
Wilkinson, Judy
Williams, Jayne
Wilson, Galen
Wilson, Joey
Wohlsen, Marcus
Zierten, Deborah

Businesses & Professionals Making a Difference
with Pro Bono & In-Kind Help



Bi-Rite Market
Blue House Farm
Classic Party Rental
Cresco Equipment Rentals
Fly Girl Farm
Fifth Crow Farm
Hatfield & Walker Sound
Island Creative, LLC
La Nebbia Winery
Mama Ganache Chocolates
New Leaf Community Market, Half Moon Bay
Numi Tea
Oat Cuisine
Optimist Volunteers For Youth,
Bay Area
Organic Valley
Outland Java
Patagonia Palo Alto
Paxti's Pizza
Ryan Nonprofits
Senior Coastsider’s Thrift
Straus Family Creamery
Standard Party Rental
The Pescadero Flowery
Tim Edmonds Catering
Tunitas Creek Kitchen
Video Equipment Rentals


Bi-Rite Market
Blue House Farm
Classic Party Rental
Cresco Equipment Rentals
Fly Girl Farm
Fifth Crow Farm
Hatfield & Walker Sound
Island Creative, LLC
La Nebbia Winery
Mama Ganache Chocolates
New Leaf Community Market, Half Moon Bay
Numi Tea
Oat Cuisine
Optimist Volunteers For Youth,
Bay Area
Outland Java
Patagonia Palo Alto
Ryan Nonprofits
Senior Coastsider’s Thrift
Straus Family Creamery
Standard Party Rental
Tunitas Creek Kitchen
Video Equipment Rentals


Prior Years

18 Rabbits
A Festive Affair, Half Moon Bay
Arata's Pumpkin Farm
Cafe Classique
Coastside Peace
Comfort Inn, Half Moon Bay
Cunha's Grocery
Fengari of Half Moon Bay
Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero
Heidi Trainor, CPA
Horizon Organic Milk
Ken’s Coastal Paint, Half Moon Bay
LRE Catering
Mountain Hardwear
New Leaf Grocery, Half Moon Bay
Northern Energy
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Phoebus Lighting
Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco
San Benito House, Half Moon Bay
Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company
Simms Plumbing
Spectrum Organic Oils
The Firewood Farm, Half Moon Bay


Corporate Donations and Matching Gifts

Amazon Smile
American Endowment Foundation
Arkin Tilt Architects
Associated Services Co.
Bright Funds Foundation
Chevron Matching
David and Lucille Packard Foundation
Humanity United
Lawrence Livermore Lab
Local Independent Charities Of America
Midland Cabinet Company
Network for Good
Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance Of California
Organic Valley
Pacific Gas & Electric
Patagonia Palo Alto
Peninsula Open Space Trust
San Francisco Foundation
Schmidt Family
Survey Monkey
United Way Silicon Valley
Whole Foods Market, Los Altos





There are lots of ways to give to Vida Verde

You don’t have to give dollars to make a lasting contribution. Below are some ideas of other types of giving, and please let us know if you have your own unique idea! Please email us if you would like to contribute in any of these ways.

  1. Corporate Giving
  2. Corporate Matches
  3. Donate Stock
  4. Spread the Word
  5. Honor Your Friends & Family
  6. Volunteer
  7. Give Stuff

Read More About How You Can Give to Vida Verde

Corporate Giving:

Find out if your company has a grantmaking program, and recommend Vida Verde for a grant. Many companies have giving programs, and they often encourage employees to recommend an organization that inspires them. Vida Verde can provide you with all the information you need for a nomination form.

Corporate Matches:

In 2015, we received $25,000 in corporate matches. If you are a Vida Verde donor please check with your business/corporation to see if they have a donation matching program and will double your gift to Vida Verde.

Donate Stock:

Vida Verde is able to accept donations of stock!  Please contact us for more information.

Spreading the Word:

Do you have any friends or family members who are looking for an effective and inspiring organization to donate to? Or maybe you know someone who works at a foundation, or whose company donates to nonprofits each year. The more you tell people about our mission, the better!

Honor your Friends and Family:

Sponsor a student’s trip to Vida Verde as a way of giving a gift for a birthday, wedding, or holiday. We can provide a personalized certificate for the gift recipient with pictures and a description of what your gift pays for. It’s a very meaningful and non-material way to give to others!


Sign up for our volunteer mailing list. We have several volunteer work parties each year, and some very specific weekly volunteer jobs that you might be interested in.

Give Stuff:

Choose an item off our wishlist that will help the program be the best it can be.