Why It’s a Great Idea to Give to Vida Verde

100% Of Our Programs are Offered Completely Free

Currently, in the Bay Area, there are many high-quality, 2-5 day, environmental education programs in which thousands of students in grades 3-6 are participating every year. Unfortunately, many students and/or schools in the Bay Area cannot afford to pay for these programs.

Disadvantaged students miss out on a myriad of important educational and developmental experiences. Those same experiences are the birthright of their middle-class peers. This lack of exposure means that the low-income, inner-city children tend to lack an expansive context for building their hopes, dreams and aspirations. We believe these are the very children who need experiences like Vida Verde the most!

Vida Verde is a very distinctive environmental education center because 100% of its programs are offered completely free, and are exclusively for these underserved children.

All of our programs are free for students, and that means our entire budget comes from donations from individuals and grants from foundations.