Parent Presentations

Upon request Vida Verde staff will make a presentation to parents (and students) at the school prior to the trip to Vida Verde. We have found over the years that these presentations are useful in convincing parents who are tentative about sending their child away on this outdoor education experience. Often the students and their parents are not familiar with camping or the rural areas just outside the Bay Area. Our presentation will give them the information and reassurance they need to feel good about the trip and to make sure the students are fully prepared.

For each presentation, we bring parent handouts in English and Spanish. It is often helpful if there is someone at the meeting to translate. (Some of our presenters speak Spanish, and some do not.)

If you have a trip scheduled with us and would like us to come a give a presentation for parents, please contact us at least a month in advance of your trip date to so we can set up a presentation time/date.

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